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• Back & Neck Pain

• Joint Pain

• Sports Injuries

• Joint Replacement

• Arthritis

• Fibromyalgia

• Surgery Rehab

• Headaches

• Work-Related Injuries

• Auto Accident Recovery

• Lymphedema

• TMJ - Jaw Pain

• Neurological Disorders:  
   Stroke, Parkinson's, etc.

• Women's Health:
   Pelvic Pain, Incontinence.

• Limitation in Mobility/Pain

• Balance - Fall Prevention

• Cancer Rehab

• Post Cancer Rehab




We care about our patients as individuals, and want to see you pain-free and living a full and happy life. We truly believe that we're making our beautiful corner of the world a better place to live in and enjoy, by helping one person at a time!

Our conveniently located clinic is a lovely, comforting place that promotes healing. Our mission is to get you back to a pain-free, active lifestyle because we all know how hard it can be to do and be our best when we are hurting.


Ronnie Infantino, PTA is an excellent PTA who has worked for us off and on for years. Ronnie splits his time when not with us between Florida & North Carolina. Ronnie likes outdoor sports and is a river guide and a licensed massage therapist.


Angela Bernal-Delgado, PTA, is one of our therapists. Angela always has a smile and has a happy spirit! Angela is originally from Colombia and has made an invaluable addition to our wonderful team.

Toby Carroll, is our front desk and insurance person! Toby can answer any question related to your insurance plan. Toby is an invaluable asset to RPTC! 

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