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Therapy Services

Let us get you back to a pain free lifestyle! 


Our clinic's physical therapists are well-trained and fully equipped to provide you with the means to a rapid recovery. We use a wide range of fitness equipment to support strength-building, balance-training and cardio-vascular conditioning. Our patients learn exercises and stretches that they can do at home. Especially important for our patients are the variety of modalities  that we utilize in providing them with pain management.

Each new patient begins therapy with a comprehensive physical evaluation. Our therapists listen to you describe your problem--whether it's low back pain or a recent knee replacement--then we evaluate your strength, range of motion, and other factors. Working with you, we set goals for your recovery and develop a therapy plan that is tailor-made for you.


The TurboSonic Vertical Whole Body Vibration Therapy machine uses sound waves to stimulate human cells the way exercise does. This vibrational therapy helps the body's natural healing response by increasing the cell's oxygen uptake, and stimulates cellular fluid and waste removal from our cells. As a result, new cells are more resilient and function together easily for a healthier body. (Please note: you can do the TurboSonic while sitting if you can't stand.)  Read more . . .


Recovering from surgery or an injury can be hard, but your therapist will always be there to see you through. Our goal is to minimize your pain while re-training your body to move as it should. We regularly update your referring physician so they know the progress you're making.


 Doing PT exercise's in a pool is easier and far less painful because the water's buoyancy minimizes weight on the joints. Water also provides great resistance that can be easily incorporated into an Aquatic Therapy Exercise program. This gentle resistance strengthens muscles without the need for weights. Aquatic Therapy can also decrease any swelling caused by arthritis or injury and improve joint position awareness, which is quite useful when treating sprains. Aquatic Therapy can be used in conjunction with other kinds of treatment and pain management. The focus is on strengthening, and stretching as well as some cardiovascular conditioning.


A balance program that incorporates flexibility/stretches (to ease problems with tightness), strength training, endurance training and fall prevention/balance training that are all essential for maintaining and promoting good balance.

Ordinarily we take our balance for granted, but it is an important and vital part of our daily life. As many as 28% to 45% of folks over 55 fall each year. Though our balance may decline with age, balance activities, balance exercises and balance training can limit any loss and in fact, actually improve our performance.

The most common reasons people fall:

  • Hips and legs might become weaker, making it harder to walk.

  • Poor posture or spinal degeneration can make it harder to stand erect.

  • A slower response or reaction time when something is blocking the way, might bring about a fall.

  • Many drugs might interact with one another and cause dizziness or a decrease in balance.

  • Low blood pressure can lead to light-headedness, thus  increasing the risk of falling.

  • Stiffness and a lack of flexibility at the hips and and ankles.



Sticking needles in your body to relieve pain may sound ridiculous but don’t knock it until you try it. Many people who suffer from either low back pain, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, neck pain, or other muscle tightness injuries use dry needling therapy to help relieve pain and believe it or not, it does wonders!

IONTOPHORESIS, The Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic, Pain Management


Commonly used by physical therapists in the application
of anti- inflammatory medications. In liquid form, the pain medication is carried through the skin via a painless electrical current and delivered to where it hurts immediately without the use of needles or taking pills that must first enter the bloodstream in order to get medicine and much-needed relief to the injured site.


Ultrasound uses sound waves that produces an increase in
tissue relaxation, blood flow and scar tissue breakdown.
This helps to decrease swelling, inflammation and pain. It
helps to reduce muscle spasms and soft tissue restrictions.

We use White Willow Bark which has Salicylic Acid (Aspirin)
with the ultrasound gel. The ultrasound drives the White
Willow Bark into the painful, inflamed tissue or joint,
giving pain relief and healing benefits. It is a very effective treatment to bathe the injured, painful tissue with a natural  anti-inflammatory instead of taking a chemical medication
that has to go through the digestive tract and everywhere in
the body, when all is needed is a small dose at the injured site.


The HIVAMAT is an amazing healing tool we have to eliminate pain, swelling, muscle spasms, lymphedema and tightness; helping an injury to heal faster. It produces a deep oscillating electro-magnetic energy, which is a very healing form of energy for our bodies. The device creates an action of pulsating low-frequency, two-phase alternating electrostatic energy generated between the therapist’s hands and patient’s tissue.


Lymphedema is painful swelling in the arms or legs due to an impaired drainage of the body’s lymph fluid. It is often caused by damage to the lymph nodes after surgery, such as a mastectomy. Lymphedema can become disfiguring, debilitating and even cancerous if left untreated or treated improperly. Our therapists use Manual Lymph Drainage to stimulate the healthy lymphatic pathways and move the stagnant lymph fluid from the affected part of the body. Compression bandaging helps prevent recurrent swelling. 

Symptoms to look for, that require immediate attention, include a sense of tightness, pain, and swelling of the hand or arm. Lymphedema can develop weeks, months, or even years after surgery, often without any apparent cause, but usually triggered by injury or even a minor infection of the affected limb. Lymphedema is a chronic condition for which there is presently no cure, though with early treatment, the affected limb can return to normal function and appearance.


Small electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and muscle fibers. This action relieves pain by actually blocking pain signals and releasing endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relieving substances. The Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic uses electrical stimulation therapy for neck and back pain, arthritis, sciatica, headaches, muscular strains, TMJ disorder, inflammation, and other conditions.


We offer a very extensive hand rehab program that includes a wide variety of exercises and treatments aimed at relieving pain and improving function  of your hands.


"When I began therapy, my range of motion and overall strength was very poor. 3 Months later I am stronger, healthier and have more stamina. The therapists were gentle when I needed that and pushed me harder when I needed that. Eventually they became my biggest supporters. I owe my success to everybody at The RPT Clinic. Julie's smile was a great way to start my day and Lydia, Zeke, Tanya and Sydney made me feel good for the rest of the day! I will always be grateful. I am truly a better 'Me!" 

Susan H.

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