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Chances are good that you know someone who could benefit from our services at The Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic. The co-worker with chronic back pain? An elderly relative or friend with arthritis? Do you know a woman who is concerned about osteoporosis or another issue related to women’s health?

Maybe a friend is recovering from surgery or is undergoing chemotherapy. Or you may know someone who still suffers from an old injury, has "bad joints," or chronic headaches. When your friends and family mention their health issues or body pains, tell them about The Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic.


We are now offering an incentive program for you to send us referrals. 1st referral gets you $10 RPTC Bucks, 2nd referral $20 RPTC Bucks, 3rd referral $30 RPTC Bucks. Give us a call for more info 575-257-1800.

Participating in our referal program is easy!

Stop by the office or call to sign up for the program and receive your referral cards. If you’ve been a patient at The Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic, you know that we’re all about helping people enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. When you care to share, you help someone else move toward good health.

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