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We expect every patient to have his or her own 'success story' to share at the end of their therapy. We collect these testimonials to inspire others, plus we send them to each patient's referring physician to let the doctors know that physical therapy was just the right prescription.

If you've ever received a doctor's referral for physical therapy but thought it wouldn't do any good, just read these testimonials from our patients and be amazed!


"With MS, exercise and stretching are necessary to maintain mobility. I noticed improvement after just a few days. Swim therapy also helped incredibly - it improved my balance and gait and now it doesn't hurt when I fall. Thank you to everyone at the clinic for your commitment and help!"

– Cindy L.


"I had a horrible headache for five days that pounded unrelentingly with no relief. I took some OTC pain medications, to no avail. Finally, I found your clinic and Lydia did some Myofascial Release on my head and face and some muscle work inside my mouth. After two sessions my headache was gone and I feel great again! "

– Chelsea H.


"After knee surgery, I was unable to walk normally or straighten or bend my knee without pain. After two months of electrical stimulation treatments and leg exercises, my walking gait has returned to normal and my range of motion without pain has been restored to nearly pre-injury state. THANK YOU Lydia, Jean, Zeke, Shadow and all the folks at Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic!"

– James W. Edwards


"I had a perforated colon and bleeding ulcer which led to almost three months of inactivity and severe muscle atrophy. I began PT. In about eight weeks, I was able to continue with my own exercise program. I feel great, and my muscle mass has been restored. I heartily recommend Tanya, Rosemary and Lydia --- what a great a group of professionals! My wife and daughter are both RPT's, so I believe I am a good judge and I give unqualified recommendations to RPTC." 

- David L.


"I had shoulder, neck, and back pain for years. Nothing helped until I finally called RPTC. After just a few sessions, I noticed a huge difference in my pain levels and ability to function throughout the day as well as improvement in my sleep. After only two months, I'm nearly pain free. When I do have pain, I do the stretching and exercises Zeke and Lydia taught me and it helps immensely! I'm able to exerise more often and have learned what to do and what NOT to do that might aggravate my problem areas. " 

- Suzanne R.


Just give us a call at 575-257-1800  and we can arrange a convenient time for your initial visit.

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Saturdays-9 am to 12 pm 

"As of my third treatment, I feel like a new person. Terrible pain that had been a level 10 in my neck, mid back and lower back was reduced to only a one or a two! I no longer grit my teeth from the awful pain or  feel like I need a neck or back brace. Thank you, Lydia!" -Nancy D


"I came to RPTC for relief of pain between my backbone and right shoulder blade. The diagnosis was muscle spasms. Numerous exercises and muscle stimulation (electrical), ultrasound and steroids combined with a pain reliever applied directly to the affected muscle reduced my level of pain significantly."



"When I was referred to Tanya for pelvic pain, I was in such pain and discomfort that it was affecting my whole life. After only a few visits, my symptoms began to subside greatly. Once Tanya was able to pinpoint a major source of my pain, thanks to her efforts, within a few days the symptoms disappeared. I am so grateful for Tanya and the entire staff at the clinic."



I had rotator cuff surgery on 10-5-15. I started therapy two weeks later. After two months of therapy, three days a week, I was pain free and my range of motion is now almost back to normal! The folks at RPTC were always courteous, friendly and extremely helpful. I never had to wait when I showed up for an appointment- they always got me into the therapy room right on time. I will highly recommend the Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic to all my firends and clients. Thank You!"

- Stacy H

"When I first came to RPTC, I didn't know anything about Myofascial Release therapy, so I had no real expectations. But amazingly, after only one treatment, I was headache free for 3 days! This is amazing because I usually have headaches everyday and have to take migraine aspirin and other meds several times a day. But now, I do my best to let my friends and family know THERE IS RELIEF - without drugs! Thank You, so much! "

- Lori L.

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